Welcome to The Map Factory

The Map Factory is a recently launched portal for my Freelance Cartography business. We aim to provide the widest range of cartographic services to all that require them at reasonable rates.

With the modern day use of ‘Google’ and ‘Bing’ map sites, the proliferation of ‘Sat-Nav’ devices and GPS phones, who still needs the services of a cartographer, one would ask? Well through the use of this website I intend to show you where and how these skills are still required, and if you need a map of any kind, but especially something a bit more different and beautiful, please get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you.

So, sit back and bookmark this site to enter the expansive world of cartography and mapping. The world of good map design and understanding.

Gavin Huw Thomas

The Freest of Freelance Cartographers